Landmine Survivors Network

Landmine Survivors Network hosted an unprecedented international conference to explore best practices to promote the long-term recovery of victims of war-related injuries.  More than 250 attendees from 38 countries participated in the Approaches to Recovery and Reintegration of Survivors of War-Related Injuries Conference on May 9-10, 2005 in Washington, D.C.

The conference, organized in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, Handicap International, the International Committee of the Red Cross, UNICEF, United Nations Mine Action Service, and the World Health Organization, convened survivors, practioners, and scholars from around the world to explore best practices for long-term trauma recovery of victims of war-related injuries, especially those living with traumatic limb loss.  International leaders in trauma recovery, prevention, and economic assistance programs for war-injured populations worldwide participated and presented at the conference.

Survivors from around the world recounted the essential elements that contributed to their personal resiliency.  Panels confirmed that peer support networks, including family and social support, are crucial to recovery, and that presenting a survivor with the opportunity to do meaningful work can also greatly improve their quality of life.

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Conditions for Recovery and Resiliency
Global Picture of War-related Trauma — Dr. Victor Sidel   |   PPT
Physical Characteristics of Resiliency — Dr. Dennis Charney   |   PPT
Psycho-social Characteristics of Resiliency — Dr. Rebecca Smith   |   PPT
Survivor Perspective — Jesús Martinez

Physical and Psychosocial Approaches to Recovery and Reintegration
Medical Care — Dr. Gino Strada   |   PPT
Physical Rehabilitation — Claude Tardif   |   PPT
Psychological Care — Dr. Harold Wain
Peer Support — Paddy Rossbach   |   PPT
Sports and Rehabilitation — Kirk Bauer

Breakout Sessions (transcripts are not available for breakout sessions)
Peer Counseling and Support — Dr. Jeff GambelPaddy Rossbach
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Access to and Better Use of Prosthetic Devices: How National Plans and NGOs Can Address this Issue — Cathy Berti; Larrie Warren; Dr. Jeannette Perry de Saravia

Sports and Rehabilitation — Eli WolffAnita Keller
First Aid Delivery at Time of Injury: Amputation and Surgery Challenges Facing Capacity Building of Surgeons in Mine-Affected Countries — Dr. Asfaw Ayele
The Role of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in Responding to War Traumatized/Injured Populations — Laurence Cote
The Mine Action Sector: How to Effectively Deal with Psychological Stress Factors — Sebastian KasackTim Carstairs
Strategies for Improving Capacity Building and Training for Practitioners, Management Staff and Local Counterparts — Dr. Maria Isabel Castilla VergaraDr. Goldy MaziaYohannes Berhanu


Socioeconomic Reintegration
Post-War Economy/Unemployment Among People with Disabilities — Hervé Bernard   |   PPT
Vocational Training — Santiago Castellon Rodriguez   |   PPT
Entrepreneurship — Dr. Patricia Morris   |   PPT
Job Creation, Small Business Development — Diane Jones   |   PPT

Combatant Issues and Perspectives
The Role of Psychosocial Intervention — His Highness Prince Mired Bin RaadJim Mayer;Plamenko PriganicaSpc. Kevin Pannell   |   PPT

Injuries and Data Collection
Rapid Assessment of Injury During Emergencies — Dr. Mark Anderson   |   PPT
After the Emergency: Injury, Health Systems and Data Collection — Dr. David Meddings   |   PPT
Examples from the field — Survey Action Center, U.S.A. PPT; CAPDC (Support Center for the Promotion and Development of Communities), Angola PPT; Iraq Mine Action Program, Iraq PPT

Ensuring Inclusion of War-Injured Populations in Development and Disability Policy
International Convention on the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disability — Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo   |   PPT
Development Policy & People with Disabilities: The World Bank Example — Judy Heumann   |   PPT
Disables People’s Organizations (DPO) and Self-Help Groups: Supporting Their Development and Training for Advocacy and Public Awareness — Tina Minkowitz
National Policies, Implementation, and Monitoring — Veronica Reina


Recovery and Reintegration of War Related Injuries | Transcript (.DOC)
Physical and Psychological Approaches | Transcript (.DOC)
Socio-Economic Integration | Transcript (.DOC)
Combatant Issues and Perspectives | Transcript (.DOC)
Injuries and Data Collection | Transcript (.DOC)
Ensuring Inclusion | Transcript (.DOC)